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Giving / Overview


Aberdeen Hall and its community of parents, students and teachers is of the highest calibre. Thank you for your interest in supporting the school and being a part of our proud tradition of family leadership and dedication. Your desire to learn more about giving; how we give, why we give and what impact it has on students, is a first step in growing and strengthening the school’s culture of giving.


Why Do We Give? 

Philanthropy at Aberdeen Hall is a difference maker.

Tuition fees only cover operating costs such as salaries, supplies, and fundamental maintenance. The generosity we receive from our families, over and above tuition, is what allows the school to offer our students unparalleled opportunities. The support of our community provides students access to the resources and facilities they require to excel.

Simply put, tuition enables operation; donations create innovation.

What Impact Has Giving Had at Aberdeen Hall?

Philanthropy improves almost every aspect of our students’ experience.

The genesis of the school is a testament to the impact of giving. Over 14 years ago a group of parents shared a vision to create a genuine independent school in the Okanagan. The generosity and commitment they demonstrated, continued, and inspired in others is why Aberdeen Hall is, today, one of the top schools in BC and why our school serves to draw families from across the province, the country, and the world, to the Okanagan Valley.

Beyond their commitment of time and tuition, families who support the school philanthropically have been key to our enrollment expanding to over 700 students; our programs growing exponentially, offering excellence in academics, character development, arts and athletics; our campus developing into a spectacular 44-acres with world-class, purpose-built facilities.  

Giving is foundational to Aberdeen Hall’s success and to the strong spirit of community from which all of us benefit.

How Do We Give?

We try and make it as easy as possible. If you are ready to give now, thank you. At the bottom of this page we have an option for online giving. If you prefer, you can deliver your donation to Junior or Senior Reception, or you can call Sean Ayers, Director of Development, to speak about giving.

Additionally, more information on giving can be found throughout this section of the website with details about the projects and priorities in support of which the school is raising funds.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Aberdeen Hall. You are helping to continue on a tradition of giving which has helped build and define us.  

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