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Giving Programs

  • The Athletics and Wellness Centre
  • Two years ago, we asked our families what the most important desire was for the future of Aberdeen Hall. The overwhelming answer was to build a gymnasium. Together the staff and Board of Aberdeen Hall have made that the focus of future expansion.

    We are truly appreciative of the families that have exhibited great leadership and made donations to the campaign so far. The teachers & staff have also joined the charge by making their donations too.

    Every building on our campus was funded by our community of parents and grandparents. From Aberdeen Hall’s early days when parents painted walls and drove school busses to the construction of the inspiring campus that we have today, our school is truly a school built by us and those who came before us. Together, we create a legacy for our children and those who will come after.

    The new Athletics and Wellness Centre will provide much needed physical education space while also providing our teams with the best training facilities and our performers space to rehearse and showcase their talents. This is about building more than just a gym. It's about building excellence in athletics, connections and school culture.

    Great things are happening here; please be an important partner in our shared future. 

    For those interested, you can make an online gift or please contact Sean Ayers, Director of Development, to discuss all the options for giving. 

  • Annual Fund
  • Gryphon Annual Fund

    Aberdeen Hall’s goal is to improve every year. The Gryphon Annual Fund is a crucial element of achieving that goal.

    These improvements include increasing the pool of resources available to students and teachers and growing our programming. We aim to create new opportunities for students in emerging fields like robotics or design. We strive to make our athletics better with more competitive teams and better access for our students and parents. We develop richer arts programs presenting higher quality performances. This year, we are adding to our campus, building new and unique facilities.

    Each year, Aberdeen Hall’s leadership team (including senior staff, teachers and Board volunteers) with input from our community, determine where the school needs to add or develop to provide students the best possible experience. The Gryphon Annual Fund allows every member of our community the opportunity to be a part of the betterment of our school, providing new avenues for our students to excel.

    We ask everyone to support the school annually, to ‘leave Aberdeen Hall better than when you found it’, just as families before you have done and many families at the school continue to do. 

    Making a gift to the improvement of our students’ education is easy and donations made to Aberdeen Hall receive a charitable tax receipt.

    Thanks to all those who support the school through the Gryphon Annual Fund. Your commitment and generosity directly impacts the lives of our students.

    For those interested, you can make an online gift or please contact Sean Ayers, Director of Development, to discuss all the options for giving. 

  • Planned Giving
  • What is a planned gift?

    Planned gifts allow you to make a meaningful donation today that will leave a lasting impact for tomorrow.

    You can include Aberdeen Hall in your estate plans through bequests, charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts. Consider the following options as you begin to plan for your future legacy.

    Bequests: This gift, made through your will, is the most common type of planned gift. Arranged today, a bequest is not paid to Aberdeen Hall until after your death. You can give a specified sum, or property, or a percentage of your estate.

    Life Insurance: A gift of life insurance is a simple and thoughtful way to make a gift to Aberdeen Hall. Insurance allows you to make a modest gift now for a significant gift in the future.

    Charitable Gift Annuities: This is the gift that keeps on giving. Charitable gift annuities enable you to make an immediate gift to the School and receive guaranteed income for life.

    Charitable Remainder Trusts and Gifts of Residual Interest: This gift is invested to give you an ongoing income with the capital going to Aberdeen Hall upon death. Residual interest gifts allow you to donate the asset today (residence, art, investment property) and enjoy the use of it for the rest of your life with the gift going to Aberdeen Hall upon death.

    Also known as legacy gifts, they provide future support for areas of Aberdeen hall most important to you, and often result in a larger gift than you thought possible.

    Potential benefits:

    • Lifetime income for you or another beneficiary
    • Immediate tax relief
    • Turn low-yielding assets into a higher income stream
    • Reduce estate taxes
    • Meaningful legacy to Aberdeen Hall

    How we can help

    Significant gifts, such as a bequest of life insurance, can meaningfully transform Aberdeen Hall’s future. But they require considerable planning. Family is involved. Advisers should be consulted. Timing and tax considerations are crucial. We can work with you, your family and advisers on a confidential basis to ensure your legacy.

    Contact Sean Ayers, Director of Development at: (250) 491-1270 Ext. 138 or email:

  • Endowment
  • Endowment – Building a Legacy

    An endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding held in an interest bearing investment with only the interest being spent.  When an endowment fund is established, a permanent legacy of support is created by the donor for Aberdeen Hall.  A robust endowment contributes to the long-term sustainability of the School and significantly enhancing the student experience.  

    Financial Assistance

    Aberdeen Hall strives to maintain diversity in our school population. Today, 13% of students receive some form of financial assistance and our goal is to continue to increase the opportunities for mission-appropriate students.  The inclusion of these deserving students, who could not otherwise access an Aberdeen Hall education, provides a superior experience for all. Endowed scholarship funds make the Scholarship and Bursaries Programme robust and sustainable.  

    Enhanced Programming

    Academic excellence and innovation are hallmarks of Aberdeen Hall. Building endowed funds which support ongoing renewal of top-of-the-line equipment and exceptional learning resources will ensure the best educational experience possible.  

    Named Funds

    Would you like to commemorate a special teacher, family member or classmate? A named, endowed fund allows donors to recognize the special role Aberdeen Hall has played in their lives. The stories about the funds’ creation are often poignant and compelling. Perhaps you are a parent who wishes to memorialize a family member or friend. Each endowed gift to Aberdeen Hall provides a unique legacy.

    The minimum gift to endow a scholarship or prize fund is $100,000. Please contact Sean Ayers, Director of Development Office at 250-491-1270 Ext. 138 or