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Campus & Facilities

Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School’s campus is located in the heart of one of Canada’s most beautiful destination locations – Kelowna, British Columbia. Our 44-acre campus (19 donated in 2008, and 25 donated in 2014) is located adjacent to UBC Okanagan and 5 minutes from the Kelowna Airport.

The campus is enriched with modern classrooms, facilities, and amenities designed with a university feel. Aberdeen Hall’s campus design allows each student to enjoy an inspiring, professional atmosphere while still enjoying a close proximity “small feeling” campus. Studying and growing in this environment helps create a strong sense of community while providing safety and security. At Aberdeen Hall, students and staff know each other – we truly are a family.

Campus & Facilities
Phase 1: The Junior School

The Junior School was Phase 1 of development, and opened in March 2009. The first building is a grand total of 17,000 square feet. This building houses Grade 1 to Grade 5 students.

Phase 2: The Athletic Dome

The Athletic Dome was Phase 2 of Abedeen's development – and is the total of 2 double tennis courts.

Phase 3: The Marjorie Callahan Early Learning Centre

This building was Phase 3 of Aberdeen Hall's building development, and opened in January 2012. The building is 9,000 square feet and now offers Preschool to Kindergarten a vibrant and welcoming space to learn in. The building was named after Marjorie Callahan in 2017. The Callahan family have been tremendous supporters of the school since its inception. 

Phase 4: The Hanlon Senior School

Our Senior School was Phase 4 of development, and opened in September 2014. It was renamed the Hanlon Senior School in 2020 after prominent donors and supporters of our community, Ted and Linda Hanlon.  The building is attached to Holzhey Hall, and offers an enriched curriculum space for Grade 6 to Grade 12.

Phase 5: Holzhey Hall

The Great Hall opened in early 2015 and was renamed Holzhey Hall in 2020 after Michael and Nadia Holzhey, a family that has been transformative in the development of our school. Holzhey Hall provides: a commercial grade kitchen and dining hall, the Loft Cafe, meeting facilities, sky labs, and much more!